Whether you’re new to the suit game or just need new ideas to stay sharp, take a look at the basic options below and see what inspires you.


  • Solid suit, striped tie, striped shirt. With this combo, make sure one has a wider stripe than the other.
  • Solid suit, striped tie, plaid shirt. Stripes and plaids are two different patterns, so keep the scales similar. Try a narrow stripe with a mini check or a wide stripe with a large plaid.
  • Pro Tip: Solid suit, paisley/polka dot tie, striped shirt. Seems tricky, but keep the scales of the pattern at a similar size for a great looking combination!


  • Striped suit, solid shirt, striped tie (of a different scale).
  • Striped suit, solid shirt, plaid/polka dot tie (of the same scale).
  • Pro TipStriped suit, striped shirt (of a different scale), and a coordinating/contrasting solid colored tie.
  • Plaid suit, solid shirt, and a plaid tie (of a different scale).
  • Plaid suit, solid shirt, and a striped tie (of the same scale).
  • Plaid suit, solid shirt, and a paisley/polka dot tie (of the same scale).
  • Plaid suit, striped shirt, and a solid tie, all in coordinating colors.
  • Pro TipPlaid suit, plaid shirt (of a different scale), and a solid tie. This one is a hard one to pull off, but if you have guts and confidence, hell, go for it.

So, gentlemen, with the above in mind, look in your closet, get dressed, and take on the world.

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